Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is probably the most unproductive day I've had all summer.  Lounging around in shorts, my huge Texas tee with a pony tail and feeling like doing absolutely nothing.  I've been greeting the day with Pilates, but today I've greeted it with cereal, blog browsing and playing with my pup.  I will say that I was a wee-bit productive by creating a homemade birthday card for Randy's 24th birthday manana.  I love recycling all my other craft materials from my last projects.  Saves $$$, and it helps me work with the creative side of my brain ;).  Speaking of birthdays, I remember being sixteen and thinking "Wow, 24 and on is super adult age already."  I still can't believe that I'm in my early twenties.  Real early, actually.  Just legal!  (which btw, I could use a margarita in this hot-as-hades weather).  I've come to realize that time flies by without our acknowledgment.  Ma and pops were having a conversation the other day about how they can still recall changing our diapers!  (I'm sure they're happy they don't have to do that anymore).  As the next nine years pan out before I reach my fabulous thirties, I hope that I can pursue all the goals and dreams I have listed in my mental notebook.  Nursing is a career that I am thankful to have gone into.  In fact, I'm still surprised that I receive my first degree this December.  (High school stills seems like yesterday)  However, nursing isn't what I want to revolve my entire life around.  There is a part of me that's in love with the world of  photography.  Sure, I only know the baby basics. . but I always get some sort of thrill when I'm behind my Canon. . .or any camera for that matter.  My iPhone, my point-and-shoot, disposables!  I love 'em all. . .and I hope that once my paycheck is no longer a minimum wage and finally a nurse's salary ;), I'll find nearby workshops, and learn from those around me.  Here's my little spiel on life.  Ciao for now.
(ps, there's my pup enjoying the most hipster music with his most hipster accessories.  ;)  I'm having too much fun with that app.)  - NIX

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