Monday, August 6, 2012


. . .I'VE MISSED YOU, BLOGGER!!!  I have definitely been slacking on the updates.  My apologies!  Things have gotten a little hectic since my internship started.  I'm beginning week four.   Only one more week and this whole experience will be over.  It has flown by way too fast, but I am INCREDIBLY (I can't emphasize enough how wonderful Glendale Adventist Medical Center has been to all of us interns) grateful for this opportunity.

A few things before I call it a night:

I)  I never valued sleep as much as I do now.  Back to back twelve hour shifts is no fun when little sleep is involved.  Once 2130 hits, I'm craving my bed.  I'm hoping to take this habit back with me once school resumes.  

II)  Randy.  You.  Are.  The.  Best.  Boyfriend.  Ever.  Ever.  Ever.  

III)  Michael Phelps, you're a beast of a swimmer (yep, Olympic fever over here).


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