Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Lumineers playing aloud.  My dog laying beside me.  Windows are wide open and the slight summer breeze is welcoming itself into the house.  I am currently craving a veggie-turkey avocado sandwich with a side of summer plump strawberries.  I can't believe June is almost coming to a close and July will be welcomed soon.  My girlfriend leaves to Boston on Friday.  I look forward to my Tuesday nights even if it means a mild headache Wednesday morning.  In six months, I'll have my first college degree and be thankful for getting through school in a whole different environment than I'm used to.  I am a happy happy girlfriend with a wonderful boyfriend.  I'm grateful for the friendships that were established in high school and still standing strong now.  When I hear Bon Iver's music, I'm always taken to another place.  There is an endless amount of Porto's goodies in my kitchen; please stop by for some guava rolls.  My relationship with running has gone from a love/hate to a love/love.  Here are all the rants and rambles going on in my head.  Happy noon!

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