Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Blessing

Warning:  (Please send your cursor to the 'exit option' if you're not in the mood to read something lovie-dovie).  A few days ago, Randy and I were on the phone for a good two hours. Something that we don't do as often anymore-- to just pick up the phone, lay on our beds and just talk.  Four years ago, when we started dating, I would anticipate his phone call with such eagerness.  Also, the home we lived in had terrible reception.  So. . .I would find myself rotating my phone in order to receive the most bars possible.  And when he called, I was the giddiest girl in the world.  Our phone conversations would last from 9 in the evening until 3 in the morning.  At times, I would pretend to be sleepy just so that I could save some of our conversation for the next night.  I really really enjoyed talking to this guy.  I've come to realize that even after four years of being his girlfriend, there is never a dull moment in conversation.  I still laugh until my stomach hurts, smile until my face hurts or get heated about little debates that we have.  Randy's not a big texter.  In fact, he'd prefer that I call instead.  (He was a little irked once I got my iPhone.  I became a text maniac).  At first, I never understood why.  "IT'S EASIER TO JUST TEXT YOU!". . .but, he mentioned possibly something very lame to some, and possibly very sweet to others.  "I'd rather hear your voice."  (D'aww).  I'm not really sure where this whole post is going, but I guess I'm just very thankful that our relationship still consists of hearty and good conversation.

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