Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rants & Rambles

I)  In my personal opinion, every girl deserves someone who will fight for her.  Somebody that will especially place his pride on pause and demonstrate persistence. Somebody tenacious and honest at heart. I am far from knowing all the imperative components of a healthy relationship. . .however, when hardship begins to knock on the door, every girl deserves somebody who refuses to walk out.

II)  Since last Friday, I've gotten into the habit of waking up every morning and running two miles outside with my pup.  He gets more excited than I do running under the blistering sun.  (Why IE must you be so uncomfortably hot?)  . . .but, it's an effort to get myself back into shape after the school-related stress that kept me from stepping into the gym.  Oh and not to mention; to do some damage control from all the foods eaten back at school.  It's a convenience to have my car available on campus to do those late night study breaks to Taco Bell . . .but after a semester of doing so, I've come to realize that fast food and meat need to be off limits this summer (unless In N Out is involved ;)

(courtesy of Google images)

III)  Ben Howard is such a talented musician.  His lyrics are original and especially refreshing.  Here are a few videos that I have unconsciously replayed a good 100x each ;).  I hope you enjoy!  His 2011 album, Every Kingdom, is wonderful and definitely worth your time.  Open up your Spotify app. and type in this talented fellow in your search bar.

" Promise" 

"Old Pine" - (my personal fav).

"Keep Your Head Up"

IV)  I miss you.  A lot.  This whole ordeal isn't what neither of us want, but for the time being, it's what we need.

Dream Sweetly,

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