Saturday, May 26, 2012

pour vous

There's something about holding your hand and still feeling butterflies roaming in my stomach.  Even after four years and eight months of being your girlfriend, I'm still giddy!  ( this lame?!)  For some, it's subjective.  Give or take a year or two, the relationship seems to be part of the daily routine.  People get used to each other, and sadly, they begin to tolerate each other.  They are unable to distinguish between the two . . .and only realize it when it's too late.  I never want this to happen to us.  Ever.  I don't want time to be the sole determinant of remaining in this relationship.  My number one reason for wanting to be with you is for you. You, Randy, are exceptional and I'm so appreciative of the person that you are and have been.  Toujours et √† jamais mon amour.

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