Friday, April 27, 2012

Time is on your side.

Next week, I will gladly welcome finals week.  No sarcasm noted!  I have one nursing exam and a response paper for my aging & society class.  Nothing too hectic.  If anything, I'm not looking forward to the 'packing everything up and attempting to fit everything in two suitcases' segment.  However, being able to go home in one more week will give me enough motivation to get my dorm room as empty as it was prior to moving in.  In my previous post, I included a little invitation I made for Randy's graduation.  I cannot begin to explain how excited and proud I am of him to complete this milestone.  He has worked incredibly hard to continue with school despite complications in the past.  The transition (for both of us) from home sweet home to Tennessee's new way of living was quite an adjustment, but with optimism, belief in God's plan, and and the company of growing friends- it went from bearable to. . .well, enjoyable.

Congrats, darling.  We'll all be yelling our lungs out for you on your big day.  

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